Exciting news from the TBL headquarters! We are pleased to announce that long-time friend and bow tie enthusiast, Joshua Grover, has joined our team! Josh is our Business Development Manager and oversees things such as store outreach and our Brand Ambassador Program. We are so thankful to have some extra hands, and we are excited for all of you to get to know him! Read a bit more on our exclusive interview with Josh.

TBL: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Josh: I grew up in Villa Rica, Georgia and went to Carrollton High School until I graduated in 2013 with Lucy. I always loved swimming, and I swam for the  Carrollton Bluefins since 1999. From there, I went to Carson-Newman University in Jefferson City, TN. I swam all four years I was there, and I was the captain for two of those years. I was pre-med in college and studied Biology and minored in Business Administration. Right now I'm in my gap year between college and med school, so I'm working as a swim instructor, zip line tour guide and business development manager for TBL. I'm hoping to get into Mercer's med school and head to its Savannah campus in August 2018.

TBL: What got you interested in and connected with Ties by Lucy?

Josh: I was a  brand ambassador for many companies at Carson-Newman and also had experience running two businesses in the past.  I felt like my experience fit with TBL's goals, and I also knew Lucy from school and swimming and wanted to help her out. 

TBL: What's your favorite Ties by Lucy product?

Josh: American Flag Bow Tie because "Merica :) 

TBL: What are you most looking forward to with the TBL Ambassador Program?

Josh: I'm most looking forward to getting TBL products known across as many campuses as possible by working with a stellar group of ambassadors. Also, all of the fun things that I get to plan with our ambassadors to promote TBL on their campuses. 

TBL: Do you have any advice for incoming Ambassadors?

Josh: Have fun being an ambassador! Even though we expect you to be professional, don't be afraid to try something out of the box. We ant you to enjoy your time with us, not dread it. Also don't give up on people/stores. Persistence pays off.

TBL: Where do you see yourself in five years?

Josh: I see myself graduating from med school and moving on to my residency. I hope to also be able to help out Ties by Lucy as much as I can during that time.