Ties by Lucy has done a fundraiser before, but not quite in the scope of our latest. Last November, Ties by Lucy partnered with Wish for Wash, a non-profit started by Georgia Tech student Jasmine Burton. Jasmine and the entire Wish for Wash team work to implement toilets in Zambia, Africa. 

Jasmine is passionate about improving community health via redesigning water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) infrastructure, which is why she founded Wish for WASH, a social impact startup that seeks to bring innovation to sanitation. This year, she is serving as a Global Health Corps Fellow in Lusaka, Zambia and is working as a design specialist at the Society for Family Health. Jasmine states, "I identify as a humanitarian design activist and, ultimately, I seek to use my creativity to make the world smile." While an undergraduate student at Georgia Tech, Jasmine and her team worked together to compete for the InVenture Prize, the largest undergraduate invention competition in the United States, at Georgia Tech. After competing with other teams, her team won and received help kickstarting the toilet production. Now that she is in Zambia she's able to put all of her design work to the test by implementing the toilets, called SafiChoo toilets, that she has created. 

How is Ties by Lucy able to help? We partnered with Wish for Wash to donate bow ties made of chitneage (African) fabric to people that made a donation of $40 or more to Wish for Wash's Indie Go Go campaign. Together, we were able to raise over $1,600 through selling bow ties. We are so excited to be a part of such a cool project, and we want to continue to help Jasmine and Wish for Wash in their toilet endeavors. If you missed the initial campaign, feel free to email tiesbylucy@gmail.com to donate to Wish for Wash and receive a chitneage bow tie! 

Read more about Jasmine and her organization at http://psiimpact.com/2015/07/improving-sanitation-through-empathic-design-meet-jasmine-burton-a-psi-global-health-corps-fellow/.